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The 12 Days of Christmas Sale is Officially Ending On FRIDAY The 21st!  


Save 18% on select products (or the ENTIRE store) from now until December 21st!  



Happy Holidays…Merry Christmas…Happy Hannakah…  


Whatever Holiday you’re celebrating, we want to make it a lot more special by giving you a whopping 18% off select JayLab Pro products when you use the coupon code XMAS18 at checkout.  


But, just like jolly old St. Nick, we have a few tricks up our sleeves!  

You see, before I strapped on my good old red suit…and my belly shook like a bowl full of jelly…  

I was secretly coming up with a brilliant plan.  


Are you interested? 


Save 18% on select products (or the ENTIRE store) from now until December 21st!  

Our featured product for Day 1 is Omega Icon Krill Oil!  


This is our hottest selling product that has helped THOUSANDS of people improve their cholesterol and feel better about their health.  


Not only could it lower your cholesterol… blood pressure… and triglycerides…  

It may also BOOST YOUR FAT LOSS in the process!  Now, I will say that we have plenty of bottles in stock…  


My gift to you today for Day 2 is 20% savings on:  

JayLab Pro Probiotics  


Day 3 savings is our whole-food based multivitamin called Active Core Complex.  The goal is everyone should be eating 7-9 servings of different colored vegetables every day.  The reality is we eat only 1-3 servings and usually all one color.  This is where a good whole-food based multivitamin is beneficial to building your nutritional foundation.  

Day 4 is our always popular Protein Powder.  

Day 5 is our powerful blood sugar support formula.  This is for those times when you know you are not going to eat great, but you don't want all that sugar to get stored as fat.  Take a Gluco Guardian before you eat and it will help control the increase of blood sugar so that your body doesn't try and store it all as fat. 

Day 6 is Jaylab Pro Lean.  If you have to miss a meal have a back up in place with our delcious meal replacement shake.  


Day 7 is Active Recovery.   Maximize your workout by feeding your body key amounts of protein and carbs to repair your muscles and have them stronger for your next butt kicking workout. 

Day 8 is Mind Matrix:  Do you have brain fog at times or wish that you could focus a little more.  Mind Matrix can help clear up that brain fog and boost your focus.  


Day 9 is Ultra Cleanse:  Did you know all 6 fat burning hormones must pass through your liver.  The problem is if your liver is stressed and constantly having to filter out toxins and pollutants it won't let those fat burning hormones pass through.  Clean up your liver in a healthy and gentle way with Ultra Cleanse. 


Grab your bottle here and save 18% when you do it.  

Take all the necessary precautions this Holiday season by preventing the cold (or the flu) from ruining all your good cheer.  Now, you can save 18% on both Omega Icon Krill Oil, JayLab Pro Probiotics and Active Core Complex For Men and Women.  

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Who's lookin' out for ya? ;-)  


Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS 

Jaylab Pro 



Be sure to pass on the word about our 12 Days of Christmas Sale!